Monday, 14 February 2011

The next level

Started, as promised, the 100 press up challenge today. Week 1, day 1. Bossed it. Feels good man.

I also tried  to do something different in  terms of cooking today, branching out from the routine of bolognese/ burger + chips/ egg+ chips/ snadwiches. Made my self a dahl (not to be confused with the writer) with the help of the vezzatron, who tuts of dissapproval and repeated comments of "oh dear mcgough" lead me to conclude I was probably doing it right.

Either way, it tasted really good, helped by the lashings of tumeric and chilli spice I put in. And its dead good for you as well. Lentils, despite looking like flatten tic tacs, are suprisingly nutritious (and delicious). Little bit more work, then the rest of the night of for videogames.

Also, apparently today is some sort of conspiracy organised by couples to makes the rest of us feel bad. Not buying it.


  1. best dip ever imo:
    jalapenos finely sliced
    dollop of mayo (ick)
    finely grated assorted cheeses
    season to taste:
    red, white, black pepper
    garlic salt
    go go go

  2. Hit the gym bro, that's even better than press ups !

  3. woohoo for trying to be and eat healthy. it'a a pain in the ass to do both. so many foods that are horrible for you are soo gooodd. bah. keep with it!

  4. Keep at it and don't give up