Friday, 25 February 2011

Theres a tablet I'm taking for it

So I havent posted anything recently, mainly due to own overwhelming laziness. I have done some work though, I'm not on a massive guilt trip.

Recently, I started drawing stuff, using both GIMP (dont worry, its SFW) and photoshop to doodle around. I have my mind set on eventually designing a poster (probably in photoshop) for a competition, although that is a way off.
 One of the pieces I'm most proud of at the moment is this one, created in GIMP
  The guide to making which can be found here, and a full sized copy of the image here.

One of my biggest niggles with GIMP is its lack of support for graphics tablet. I recently brought the the Trust 15356, (half price on amazon, bargins) as an entry level tablet.

The drawing area is small, but good enough. I might see if the pen work with the old, A4 tablet I have back home (happy days if it does), but it works well enough for now. But not with GIMP.

No, in GIMP, it only allows the pento move in a small isolated spot in the top left corner, which absolutley dick all use for drawing. Apparently this is a common problem with GIMP, and despite all my best efforts, reinstalling drivers, etc. I cant get it to work.

Come back PS, all is forgiven.
Spicy prawns and rice for dinner tonight, the perfect fuel for ZOMBIE KILLING


  1. Looks good, I have GIMP but I haven't played with it much.

  2. Nice! followed!