Saturday, 19 February 2011

Nights and days.

I broke the schedule of updates on wednesday, although at the time the reasons where good. I spent most of the afternoon doing a lab report, and then went out for a flatmates 21st birthday.

The night out was great - we had had a special VIP package aranged, and we went straight on in, down into our own little area, bottles of bubbly and a birthday cake! The music wasnt too great, but there was just a great feeling around the night. The best bit? When I got home, 4 pints of water before bed meant I dodged the hangover. Result.

Thursday night, however was the exact opposite. It was an end of the exams party. but the club we went to was just rubbish. First they wouldn't let anyone in for about half an hour, and then when they did the night was just dead. I was just getting so irritated at everything, and ended up drinking more to try and make it better. This never works, but always seems good at the time.

Friday was a complete write off. I only stopped feeling shit at about 8.30, and then I had to go into work. In fact, being at work, where I sat in the entrance booth, reading a book about the beatles, was more fun than the night out before. And I got paid for it.

This post sounds really negative, but that one night has just pissed me right off. Lesson learned: when the night is that bad, just cut losses and go home early. Not worth wasting time and money.

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